Ceremony Officiant

I am passionate about working with couples to curate a memorable experience for your wedding ceremony!

My services for officiating the wedding include a one-hour ceremony prep meeting with the couple either in person or via zoom depending on the couple’s location/preference. This will allow me to ask questions and find out more about your dynamic so I can create a special ceremony specific for the couple. We will have an additional session to clarify any logistical details in preparation for the big day. This may take anywhere from 30-60 minutes. Prep also includes sharing an outline of the ceremony or the full script for your review if you choose. If you’d like more sessions to prep for the ceremony, we can book those for an additional cost.

Prices reflect justice pricing on a sliding scale: Sustainer Rate: $600, Supporter Rate: $500, Community Rate: $400

View this link to help determine where you fall on the sliding scale.


“Jessie is captivating, personal, and overall exceeded all expectations!

I can’t say enough about Jessie at Letting Love In. Before our ceremony, Jessie scheduled multiple zoom calls so she could get to know my husband and I better individually, and also as a couple. She asked us questions about our relationship, and clearly observed our dynamic as well. Because on our wedding, she surprised us and impressed us more than I can even describe. Jessie helped us figure out what type of ceremony we wanted (i.e. do we want to say our own vows, say the same ones we write together, etc.), and made sure we felt 100% comfortable before our special day.

Moreover, because of unfortunate circumstances related to COVID-19, she was unable to attend our ceremony in person, so we set up a big monitor and had her “zoom in”. I was hesitant to do this, but OMG it was like she was there! She captivated the audience, was SO well-spoken, and made everything so personal to us. I couldn’t have asked for a better officiant, and I will recommend her one thousand times over again!

Thank you Letting Love In!! We will never forget our special day because of you.”

Jen, Bride

“Love, it has been noted, is the reason we live. As quoted in Priscilla and Matt’s home, “I believe love is about recognizing all the tender places we share, as human beings who are all searching for kindness, comfort, and maybe even the perfect sunset”

Priscilla and Matt reconnected the summer of 2013 and when spending a day at the beach together, you could see that they had found that perfect sunset together. Deep down, they always knew that they would end up with each other as they didn’t have to search for that kindness and comfort because it lived between them.”

Jess, Officiant

Together, anything is possible for Jazz and Lauren. As Jazz stated, they are great companions, great partners, and a great team. Jazz feels that it is easy with Lauren and Lauren shared that a certain part of her guard goes down with Jazz and she is more comfortable.  

As their journey continues, they will build a life where they will continue to travel the world and eat good food, along with their children, who will be loved unconditionally and learn to love in the same way. Lauren’s immense capacity for empathy and kindness and Jazz’s unwavering drive toward their goals will enable them to open the abundance within their hearts and deepen their transcendent relationship.

-Jess, Officiant