Letting Love In offers ‘Building Resilient Relationships’ coaching. Coaching is a great way to build skills and gain tools together at any stage in your relationship. Coaching can be provided via zoom or in person depending on location and preference.


Through the Letting Love In Path:

  • Individuals will feel confident in their goals and vision for an area of their life
  • Individuals will understand themselves in a deeper way by identifying their own needs, recognizing their triggers, and exploring their trauma responses
  • Individuals will gain skills to build resilience and emotional intelligence
  • Individuals will develop healthy communication skills and feel confident in setting boundaries and resolving conflicts peacefully. 
  • Individuals will release negative emotions and shift limiting beliefs from their Subconscious, allowing them to come into alignment with their Higher Self and Consciousness

Building Resilient Relationships

The Letting Love In Path

Spend time working together creating a shared vision and setting goals. Discuss your shared values and how these can contribute to your life together.

Spend time together building healthy communication skills through exercises and identifying elements of a healthy relationship.

Learn about the importance of self love, prioritizing personal needs, and having self compassion!

Learn skills to identify and manage triggers by recognizing physiological responses to stress and trauma. Learn how to resource and regulate, while building resiliency!

Explore and learn you and your partners love languages  (developed by Gary Chapman). Gain tangible ways to show and express your love speaking their language.

During this session, we will discuss underlying issues related to finances. Further, we will explore tools for financial planning and success.

Work together on strengthening healthy communication skills, expressing boundaries and feelings, and fighting fair.

Let’s talk about sex, sensuality, and intimacy! In this session, we explore elements of sexuality and ways to connect.

“A healthy relationship will never require you to sacrifice your friends, your dreams, or your dignity.”

Mandy Hale